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How Constipation and Depression Can Be Related

If you have suffered depression or constipation you may know both of these conditions are frustrating a can be painful on different levels. But have you ever considered that they may actually be connected?


Constipation is a condition where the body is not removing waste in a timely manner. Generally you can tell if you are constipated by the fact that you are having three or fewer bowel movements per week. While many people don’t like to think about these things, making a note of how often your body removes waste is a very important part of your health.

The longer you go between bowel movements the harder the stool inside your body becomes and the harder it is to remove. This can lead to strain, pain and even blood in the stool once you are able to expel it. This is why effective and long lasting constipation relief is so important.


Depression is a condition where someone always feels sad or hopeless. That is the internal feeling that you may notice if you are depressed. When it comes to the outward effects of depression often you may feel less interested in your life, not do the same activities you used to. Additionally, depression impacts sleep patterns. Some people are unable to sleep and suffer insomnia with depression. Others will find it hard to ever get out of bed.

How Depression and Constipation Intersect

While you may think these two things are completely different, there is one thing that links constipation and depression - your digestive system.

Often those who are depressed start to have problems with their digestive system. While you may not pay a lot of attention to your digestive system, it is a very complicated process that takes a lot of effort inside your body.

Depression, being mostly a mental problem affects your digestive tract by interfering with signals that are supposed to go from the brain to your digestive system. Your body relies on your brain to let it know it's time to contract the right muscles that will move waste through your system and out of your body. If these messages are not being sent as they are supposed to be, your body may not do what it’s supposed to do, causing waste to back up in the system and constipation.

On the other side of the coin, having no constipation relief can also lead to depression. While you may think a bout with constipation from time to time isn't a big deal, imagine if it were something you had to deal with day in and day out.

For those with chronic constipation, they are constantly feeling pain and stress from the fact that their body is being poisoned by the toxins that can't seem to get away. This constant attack on the body, and unwavering pain can be so overpowering that it causes them to become depressed.

Finding Constipation Relief and Battling Depression

While battling depression should be done with a doctor's care, you can take a step on your own to find constipation relief. The best way to do this is to take on a colon cleansing schedule that will clean out all the compacted waste in your colon and allow it to run smoothly once again. This is the fastest and most effective constipation relief method.

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