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How Constipation And Blood Sugar May Cause A Dangerous Mix

When you think of the problems constipation causes you may think of the physical problems you notice, like bloating, cramping and having to strain when you are trying to make a bowel movement. But there may be something else happening inside your body that is showing through that bout of constipation.

Doctors have noticed that those who have high blood sugar levels seem to be more prone to bouts of constipation. That caused them to start asking questions about constipation and blood sugar. What is it about one of those ailments that makes people more prone to suffering the effects of the other?

Their studies showed them that there is a correlation between the two, and they are even willing to say now that those who have diabetes are more likely to become sufferers of constipation and always on the hunt for constipation relief. As a matter of fact about 60 % of diabetics (an ailment that is often characterized with high blood sugar levels that the body has a tough time controlling) also are regularly plagued with constipation. Here's why:

Blood Sugar Impact

High blood sugar levels in the body can impact the body's nervous system. This impact on the nervous system means the nerves are less likely to do their job properly and the brain is having a tough time passing on messages to the nerves. Your body relies on brain waves and nervous reactions to contract the muscles that tell your body to remove waste from its system.

Unfortunately, high blood sugar levels can impact the blood vessels that are supposed to be delivering nutrients and oxygen to the nerves so they will work properly. Once they are not getting what they need, the nerves can go into a state of shock and stop working. Without these signals, waste will build up in your body and lead to constipation.

Another impact of high blood sugar on the digestive tract is called Gastroparesis. This is when the stomach's nerves don't tell it that it’s time to send the food you've eaten out of your stomach and into the digestive tract. This can be the beginning of a clog that will turn into constipation.

Stopping the Cycle

There are two ways to stop the blood sugar and constipation cycle that may be going on in your body.

The first is to control your blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic, you understand the process to this. Keep a close eye on your blood sugar level and work out a program with your doctor to keep it in check.

The other part of the cure is to clean out your colon of all that impacted material to get some constipation relief. The best way to do this is through a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse is a process in which all the waste is literally flushed out of your system.

Since you may not know just where the problem is starting in your digestive tract, the best constipation relief method of this type is to take it orally, so you know it has gone through the entire digestive tract.

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