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Holiday Meals Can Lead to Constipation

Whether it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries or any other reason that the family is getting together for a major meal, you may have noticed that you have a bout of constipation after you eat a big family meal. Have you ever wondered why?

The reason is simple, your body is not used to the things you are putting in it and is having a tough time breaking them down. Generally, large family meals are not the healthiest of meals. Even if you start with a salad and have a side of greens, many of the items that are likely being served at the dinner table are probably a little more fatty than your body would appreciate you eating.

Just think about this for a minute. What do you eat on a normal day? Most people get themselves into a habit of eating certain things for certain meals. Your body gets accustomed to this and expects only certain amounts of fats and other elements in each meal.

Now toss a family dinner into the mix and see what happens. You are likely doubling, tripling or quadrupling the amount of fat, and other rich food items your body is used to in a meal, or perhaps a whole day. That's a lot to ask your body to process! And it likely won't be able to.

Here's how this works in your system.

Your body takes in the food that you are eating and then it has to break it down. Your stomach is an amazing machine that is able to break down the items that you eat and turn them into useful pieces of fuel. Your body needs a lot of vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep it in top condition and it gets those items from the food that you eat.

After you eat something, your stomach breaks it down into the smaller elements that it needs. That is, assuming you have had a normal meal. If you have suddenly overwhelmed your stomach with piles of food that it’s not used to, it can be overrun with items it is supposed to be breaking down. As it is only one stomach, it will be unable to keep up with the workload. That means some of those items are going to pass through without being broken down into smaller pieces. As they continue through your digestive tract they are going to start to clog things up. They could get stuck to the walls, pile up in your colon and soon you will find that you are suffering from constipation.

What can you do? Give your body a little help. Begin with a colon cleanse that cleans your whole digestive tract. You need to help clear out all that extra food that is bogging your body down. This means you need an oral colon cleanse solution that runs through the whole system.

Increase your effectiveness by using an oxygen-based colon cleanse. That type of cleanse will not only help get the waste out of your body, but the byproduct, oxygen, is great for your system and will give you a burst of energy to help even more.

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