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Have A Salad For Lunch - Constipation Relief

Are you ready to get things moving in your intestines again? Perhaps you're one of many people who are on the lookout for constipation relief because you keep getting things backed up your system. Well one of the things you may want to do is change your lunch menu. Why not add a salad or two into your daily meals? Believe it or not, the simple additions of a salad, and the veggies that are in it, can be a great form of constipation relief.

Let's take a closer look at what's in a salad to help you understand why it's going to help you with constipation relief.

The Vegetables

The basis of the salad is a lot of vegetables. Well the good news about vegetables is that these are high in fiber and roughage. This is exactly what your body needs when things are starting to get blocked up in the intestines. As these high fiber and roughage foods move through they will not only push the waste that is in front of them, that has been blocked, through the system, but they'll also perform a cleaning job. You see, as that roughage makes its way through the intestines and colon it will also grab any pieces of old waste that may be stuck to the walls of your intestines and colon. Essentially think of this as a way to clean out your intestinal tract naturally, every day.

Bread On The Side

Usually when you get a salad, it comes with bread on the side. Well, make sure that you toss that old white bread aside and instead opt for a whole-grain bread of some sort. Whole-grain breads are more high fiber foods. That means, even more work being done to help keep your digestive tract running on a regular schedule.

Colon Cleansing

While changing your diet to have foods like salads and whole grain breads that are higher in fiber is a great way to get ongoing constipation relief, what if you already have a problem? If you're already dealing with a tough round of constipation, you may want to get a head start in getting a leg up on it. This can be done by getting a colon cleansing.

The easiest and most effective style of colon cleansing is the oral colon cleanse. In this case you take a supplement that works through the entire digestive tract, from top to bottom, clearing out all the old waste that is backed up.

Once the colon is clean, and you're taking in a better diet of high fiber vegetables, you should notice that your constipation relief worries start to go away.

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