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Get Constant Constipation Relief By Eating Smaller Meals

Have you ever considered how much the way you eat may be impacting whether or not you have to deal with the need for constipation relief? Well the fact of the matter is, the meals you eat, and the size of them, could be having a real negative effect on your body and your digestive system.

You see, the way the general digestive system works is that as you put food in your body, the stomach has to break it down and then take those pieces and push them through your intestines and colon and then finally out of your body in the form of waste. However, the stomach is only equipped to do so much work at a time. Therefore, if you cram yourself with a very large meal, you're going to be making it try to work overtime.

Essentially, what you're going to be doing is bogging down your system. You going to be asking that entire digestive tract to work double time and double hard to take in and process all of the food that you've put in. This can lead to a slowdown of the food that is being processed.

If food is moving through your digestive tract as way starts to slow down, it also starts to dry out. This is not a good thing for those who regularly have to have constipation relief. You see, as food dries out, it makes it much harder for it to move through the digestive tract. It could slow down, or even stop altogether. This will be the start of your new search for constipation relief. Even if all the waste doesn't get blocked up, some of that dried waste may break off and stick to the walls of your intestines, setting you up for your next round of constipation.

What should you do? You have to eat right? Well of course you do, but it's a matter of how you eat that can make the difference. Instead of eating three massive meals a day where you fill up a plate and then fill your stomach, try to eat five or six smaller meals a day. This way, you're not asking your body to constantly process all of that food you're putting in at once. Instead, you are spreading it out over a longer time period, allowing the digestive system more time to get the job done and less stress about getting it done.

By eating smaller meals, spread out over the day, you have a much lower chance of it becoming bogged down in your system which also means you have a lower chance of having to find constipation relief.

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