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Foods to Cure Constipation

If you have regular struggles with constipation and would like to bring an end to this aspect of your life for good, there may be a way. Part of your path to constipation relief is no harder than changing the items that are in your kitchen.

If you think about where constipation is, it would make sense that food has some impact on this problem. Constipation occurs in the digestive tract. Food we eat is what is being processed through that tract. Therefore, changing what we are eating may well change your constipation status.

While most people know this and have heard of the importance of adding fiber to their diet, they don't know what that really translates to once they are at the grocery store or looking around the kitchen.


The key constipation relief is making sure you are ingesting more fiber in your diet. For the most part, Americans eat about 5-15 grams of fiber every day. That is less than half of the recommended fiber intake.

So, what do you need to change?

What type of bread are you eating?

If you are a white bread type of person, it's time to make a change. Instead, you need to purchase whole grain breads. The whole grains are a great source of fiber. The white bread on the other hand is nothing more than a binding agent once it’s in your digestive tract.

What's for breakfast?

If you are a cereal person, you need to take a closer look at the cereal you are pouring into the bowl. Instead of some sugary concoction, look for whole-grain cereals or bran cereals, which will help your body, find constipation relief.

What do you put on your cereal?

Milk is likely the answer. But all milk is not alike. If you are drinking whole milk, you are doing more harm than good. The fat in whole milk can lead to more constipation. Instead, you should try to drink skim milk or avoid regular milk altogether and have soy milk instead.

Processed Foods

While there are so many convenient foods in our world today, none of them are a convenience to your body. Whether it's pulling through the drive through at a burger joint or those TV Dinners you have in your freezer for a quick meal, processed foods are not what you want to be eating.

Processed foods have a lot of preservatives and often any nutritional value has been knocked out during preparing and processing. Instead, you need to look for healthier options. Making your own wraps with veggie tortillas and all the fixings doesn't take much time and it's much better for you. Also, preparing a salad takes no time at all with all those 'ready to go' bags of salad available at the store these days. Your body will thank you. Have a few minutes? Pop a sweet potato, acorn squash or a cup of frozen broccoli or green beans in the microwave!

Colon Cleanse

Once you know how to change your diet, you may want to give your body a head start on constipation relief and to regaining digestive health. Start with a colon cleanse that will remove all the blocked up waste and then take care to only put in what is good for your system to keep constipation away.

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