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Food Allergies and Constipation

It seems there are more and more food allergies coming about these days. But many people don't really understand what makes a food allergy. It is possible there are foods you are eating regularly that are causing an allergic reaction you don’t even recognize. One of the possible adverse reactions to a food could be constipation.

If you think about this it makes sense, constipation happens when there are pieces of food that have been caught up in your system, for not being effectively and completely broken down by the digestive system. If you are allergic to a food, your body does not want to use that food. As a matter of fact, it is upset it is even being forced to be in contact with that food. This could lead to the food being more difficult for your system to break down.

As it tries to move through the digestive tract, it is again impacting your system, irritating everything it touches and that can lead to pieces becoming stuck and caught up along the walls of your digestive tract. This is the beginning of constipation. As more and more food items try to move through, they too will start getting caught up with that allergy-causing food and soon you will have a lot of waste that is not leaving your body.

Making matters worse, not only do you have an allergy-causing mass in your body, but it's now stuck in your digestive tract and going to start breaking down and rotting, releasing even more toxins into your system. This is a recipe for digestive and overall health disaster.

While you may not always know if there are foods that are having a negative effect on your system and what they are, you can make sure that you give your body a fighting chance against anything that may be irritating it. To this end you need to keep your system running smooth and clean. Your constipation has to go away.

This is where an oxygen based colon cleanse can come in very handy in two different capacities. First, an oxygen based colon cleanse will cure your constipation. Removing the waste from your body will stop the negative effects of the health that you are now dealing with and get rid of that allergy-causing waste, as well as any toxins from you’re the rest of the rotting waste causing your constipation.

Additionally, an oxygen based colon cleanse will help your body recover from any adverse effects those allergy-causing foods and the constipation have caused. The byproduct of an oxygen based colon cleanse is pure oxygen that is released in your digestive tract. Oxygen is the most healing element out there for the human body. This is why it is used for wound healing in hyperbaric chambers. By releasing pure oxygen into your system you are giving your body a helping hand in recovering from any damage and healing itself. Oxygen will also give you a boost of energy that should help you start to feel better overall, quickly.

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