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Eating Disorders And Constipation

Perhaps the media is to blame for the rash of eating orders that are taking over the nation these days. Unfortunately, millions of people find themselves falling prey to the desire to have a perfect body. Many of these people will go as far as they need to keep their body in what they think is optimum shape. In many cases this leads to eating disorders. But what many don't realize is that eating disorders are not only bad for you in that you don't get enough nutrition but they can also cause other problems such as constipation.

You may be wondering how constipation can be a side effect of an eating disorder. Well, here's how it works. The body gets used to a regular eating schedule. This is just like any other habit you have, you get accustomed to the way things are. When you start changing that with an eating disorder, not giving your body the nutrients it needs and altering its feeding schedule, it doesn't like it. The body can react to these kinds of changes in the number of ways including forming digestive problems such as constipation. If an eating disorder goes on long enough, the person could develop constipation that is severe enough that they need a colon cleanse or other ways to cleanse colon waste out so they can have normal bowel movements.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to treating constipation after an eating disorder is to take a laxative. We've all been told that a laxative is a way to cure constipation. It is if it's only a once in a very rarely used type of thing. But if constipation is a regular issue, because you have that continuing eating disorder, the laxatives may make it worse. When laxatives are used regularly the body becomes dependent on them. Allowed to go on long enough, as soon as one stops taking the laxatives, the constipation will come back with a vengeance. Instead, consider a colon cleanse.

A colon cleanse is a much more effective way to cleanse colon waste out of the body without becoming dependent on it. A colon cleanse is literally a process to flush any stuck, blocked or backed up waste out of the digestive tract.

The most effective of the colon cleanses on the market are those that are a complete plan. What this means is these will cleanse colon waste throughout your entire system. These are generally taken in the form of a capsule or other supplement that is ingested orally. The active ingredients will then work to remove any waste that is on any part of the digestive system and give your body a clean slate to work with.

Of course, the best solution to this type of constipation is to stop the eating disorder. But it's not that easy for all people. So, while you're working on the eating disorder problem, at least you know you can cleanse colon waste that could back up and give you painful constipation with something as simple as a colon cleanse.

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