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Diet and Health Habit Changes that Can Cause Constipation

If you have found yourself on the regular search for constipation relief recently, you may be trying to sort out just what has caused your problem. If needing a regular constipation remedy was not a part of your past, it is very possible the problem has come from something that you have changed about your diet.

Dietary Fiber

Many people understand the importance of fiber intake as a constipation cure. For most people who want to stave off constipation, they make sure that they have a healthy amount of fiber in their diet to keep their system in tip top condition. But, in your case, have you been taking in less fiber? Sometimes it's a change in diet because of a new work schedule or just being lazy that causes us to lessen our fiber intake. Pretty soon the system is backing up and we're on the hunt for constipation relief.

Fluid Intake

It's easy to drink less than you are supposed to in any given day. your body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep things running smoothly. If you exercise, you probably need to drink more than that. If you're not, your system may not be getting enough liquid to do it's job. This can lead you to be looking for a constipation remedy as things back up in the digestive tract.

Eating Habits

Have your eating habits changed recently? Some people suffer from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. If you are one of these people, your change in eating habits can lead to a number of side effects. One of them is constipation. By not keeping a regular schedule of food coming in, your digestive system starts to malfunction and you will find yourself looking for a regular constipation cure.

Bodily Condition

Have you been sick lately? Your body may be reacting to an illness you have been suffering by seeing systems slowing down. Very often this will lead to a bout of constipation. It is not uncommon for those who are dealing with a flu or cold to have to also look for a source of constipation relief.


If you have recently started taking a new medication, it may be helping one problem while causing another. Medication is a very common cause of constipation. Chances are if you need the medication you are just going to have to double up and take a constipation cure as well.


If you are not exercising enough it can lead to a lazy body inside and out. This can slow down your digestion and leave you looking for a constipation remedy in no time.

Stopping Constipation

Once you have a constipation problem, you need to find a cure. The best way to do this is to conduct a colon cleanse to clean the system out and get it back to normal. Then make sure to do what you need to keep your system healthy. This includes eating a high-fiber diet, drinking enough liquids and exercising. Also, you may want to give your body a boost with a fiber supplement.

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