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Countering Rhett Syndrome And Constipation With Fiber

Rhett Syndrome and constipation are often very frustrating bedfellows. The reason those suffering with Rhett Syndrome are more prone to constipation relates to neurological messages that are not being sent properly. You see, the overall issue caused by Rhett Syndrome is a wearing down of the neurological system in the body. Many people who suffer with Rhett Syndrome have mobility issues, speech issues, and other nerve related problems. This also translates into constipation.

The Rhett Syndrome and constipation marriage is doubly frustrating. The reason for this is that in addition to mobility and other issues being caused by the illness itself, now that person is struggling with the discomfort and even pain and frustration of constipation. While you cannot completely cure the constipation that may be caused by the neurological side effects of Rhett Syndrome, you can lessen the chance of bad bouts of constipation by adding the healthy benefits of fiber to their regular diet.

Fiber is a natural constipation fighter. The reason for this is as fiber makes its way through your system, it acts as a cleaner. This means it will remove any of the blocked waste that is in your system and help more easily move this out of your body. By adding fiber to a diet, one can be less likely to have severe instances of constipation.

Now, since those with Rhett Syndrome and constipation are more prone to bad bouts of constipation, this could be a way to see a bit of relief. However, the fiber alone may not be enough. Sometimes you will need something stronger to really get things cleared out in the first place.

Often, a colon cleanse will be necessary to begin the process of clearing out the impacted waste. The colon cleanse will literally work its way through the digestive tract and clean out anything that may be holed up there. Once the system is clean, it's time to remember the high fiber diet. The fiber can be added to the diet, on top of the colon cleanse, to help continue keeping waste flowing smoothly through the body.

If you are able to keep the person with Rhett Syndrome on a high fiber diet you will lessen the chances that they will again have to deal with the discomfort and even pain of severe constipation that can come with this illness.

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