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Constipation is More Common in the Elderly

Whether it is you who are getting up in years or you are taking care of an older family member, you may realize that constipation relief is a very important part of the lives of the elderly.

When it comes to age, there are two groups of people who are most likely to get constipation, the very young and the elderly.

Don't Overreact

Before you start to decide that you or an older family member needs serious constipation relief, you need to take a good look at the situation. Why do you think constipation is the problem? Many think as soon as someone is not having a daily bowel movement there is a problem. That is not the case.

There are a number of reasons that someone who is older may not be having a bowel movement every day. Perhaps they are eating less in their older years and their body is just not ready to process it all yet.

Regularity in bowel movements is different for every person. Missing a day or two in bowel movements is not a big deal. You need to watch for more obvious symptoms of a problem.

Hard Stools

One of the things that can tell if the body is just on a less frequent schedule or is constipated is through the stool itself. Does it come easily or is it a hard stool? If everything flows smoothly, there is likely not a problem. But if the person is forced to push and strain to get a hard stool through their system, that is a sign that they may need constipation relief.

Pain and Discomfort

There are various types of pain and discomfort that are associated with constipation. Some people will feel bloated and like their stomach is very tight and overly full. Others will cramp and feel pains throughout their abdomen as the hard stool tries to make its way through the system.

Treating Constipation

Once you come to the conclusion that you are indeed suffering from constipation, you need to do something to find constipation relief.

Avoid Laxatives

Many people think they should use a laxative to loosen things up. While this may be an easy way out, this is not the best way. Laxatives simply pull water from your body to soften the stool that is in you system. While this can be used once in a while, too much of this can leave a person dehydrated.

Colon Cleanse

One great way to clean the system out is through a colon cleanse. While there are a number of different colon cleanses out there, the best are the type that are taken orally. The reason is that these clean out the entire digestive tract, not just the colon. The best oral colon cleanses are the type that release oxygen during their usage. This oxygen goes into the blood stream and gives the body a healthy boost of energy.

Eat Healthy

Once you have cleaned out your colon, you need to keep it healthy. This means eating a diet that is high in fiber, which is essential to keeping your stool soft.

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