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Constipation Relief – Figuring Out Why You Have Constipation

If you are trying to find constipation relief, one of the first things you should probably be doing is figuring out why you have constipation in the first place.

For a lot of people, constipation is a mystery. They think they have a pretty healthy diet and are taking pretty good care of their body, why is it fighting back by allowing them to be constipated? Well believe it or not, you may not be being as healthy as you think and that may be a part of the reason you are on the search for constipation relief.

It's time to pay closer attention to what you are really doing to your body to see if that is part of the problem.

Take Notes

The first thing you need to do is get a notebook. This notebook needs to go everywhere with you and really be a journal of your life. Whenever you eat, and whatever you eat are the first things you need to take note of. Also, take note of how much water or juice you are drinking. Additionally you need to take a note of your exercise schedule.
Why do you need to know these things? Here's the short answer.

What you eat – Everything you eat is going to have an impact on your digestive system. While you may think you just eat healthy meals, you may not think about the snacks you are having here and there throughout the day that could be causing part of the reason you need constipation relief. By taking closer notes of anything and everything you ingest you will be able to better pinpoint if there are any problem foods in your diet.

What you drink – If you are not taking in enough liquid in your diet, this could be a major part of your problem. You see, your body needs fluids to be able to process the food you eat and to smoothly move waste out of your body. If you are not adequately hydrated you may be more likely to need constipation relief.

Exercise – Exercise is an important part of a healthy body. When your body is lazy it is not just the big muscles like the legs and arms, but the rest of your muscles get lazy too. That includes all those muscles along the digestive tract. The lazier they are the slower they move food through and the more chance that waste has to dry out and solidify in your system leaving you looking for constipation relief.

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