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Constipation Relief - Discovering Constipation Causes

If you are suffering from constipation and always looking for constipation relief, have you ever really considered what it is that causes that constipation in your body? Well the more you know about what is causing your constipation the better chance you have of finding effective constipation relief.

Here are some of the common reasons people suffer a slow down in their digestive system and end up in need of constipation relief:

Fiber – Not enough fiber in your diet can cause food and waste to get bogged down in your intestines. The slower food processes through your body, the more likely it is to start to dry out and harden, leading you to search for constipation relief. A high fiber diet acts as your own scrubbing system, keeping the walls of your intestines and colon clean.

Activity – If you are not exercising enough, it not only impacts your waistline. By keeping your body moving from the outside, you are also keeping your insides in good working order. Getting your blood moving during exercise also gets those muscles in your organs going and makes them run more smoothly.

Water – Are you drinking enough water? One of the main reasons that many people become constipated is that they are not taking in enough fluids and their body is dehydrated. You won't really be able to tell you are dehydrated until you are quite dehydrated. But then you have already done damage and need constipation relief. Instead, try to make sure you always are taking in enough liquids to start. Keep a bottle or glass of water near you and sip from it all day.

Illness – There are a number of ailments and illnesses that may well lead to bouts of constipation. When you are diagnosed with an illness talk to your doctor about possible side effects. The sooner you know this may be a possible side effect, the sooner you can start crafting your constipation relief plan.

Laxatives – While many people think that laxatives are a constipation relief plan of action the truth is that laxatives can actually make the situation worse. The body can become dependent on laxatives with regular use and eventually they will no longer work and you will find yourself in a more desperate situation searching for constipation relief. It's better to avoid laxatives in the first place to keep your situation from actually getting worse in the long run.

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