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Constipation Relief and Post Surgery Recovery

If you have just had surgery or about to go under the knife, you may be considering all the things you will have to deal with as you recover from this time. There are a lot of details to consider like where you will stay, the medication you will have to be taking, any attention you have to pay to the surgical site and how long it will take before you can get back to life as normal. But have you considered the impact of your surgery and recovery time on your bowels?

If you haven't you may well be surprised to find out that you are in desperate need for constipation relief just a few days into the recovery process.

There are a number of reasons for this:

Medication – The medication you have been given in the hospital before, during and after your surgery may have constipation as a side effect. Since pain medications often have an effect of dulling senses, many of them have another side effect of slowing down the digestive tract leading you to need constipation relief.

Pain – If the surgery was done is in the area of your digestive tract, you may have a lot of trauma in this area of your body and the pain may cause your system to try not to work as hard to process your food. While your body is trying to avoid more pain by doing this, it is really going to cause more pain in the long run as waste gets backed up and you have to start looking for constipation relief.

Stillness – As you recover from surgery, you will not be moving about too much. While the doctor recommends that you should stay still and let your body heal from the surgery that has been done, this can also have the negative side effect of causing your system to back up with waste. The backing up of waste can lead you to need constipation relief.

When you decide to start searching for constipation relief, you may want to not just settle for something that does the job, but also something that will help you take your healing to the next level. An oxygen based colon cleanse can do just that. This type of colon cleanse will not only help to clear up any blockages and keep things flowing smoothly, but also will release oxygen into your system. As a healing agent that oxygen may even help to speed up your healing process.

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