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Constipation Relief – Allow Your Body Plenty of Bathroom Time

Do you realize how often you are pretty mean to your body? We're not talking mean in the respect of having to do a full workout and being sore afterwards so that your body is in pain kind of mean. We’re talking real mean to your body and not allowing it to do what it was meant to do. Quite often one of the things that we do in this respect to our body ends up causing us to be on the search for constipation relief. I'm talking about not following that urge to go to the bathroom.

You can probably quickly think of a number of times that you felt an urge "to go" but it wasn't convenient at the moment. So, you pretty much told the feeling to go away. Eventually, it did. So what did you do? Well, instead of waiting until the next opportunity to use the restroom, you just kept on doing what you usually do since the urge wasn't there anymore.

This is not what you need to be teaching her body. When your body is trying to remove waste from the system, it's important that you listen to it. While of course, we have the ability to "hold off" for a little while until there's a better time or place, that doesn't mean you should tune out these urges altogether. Even if you make the urge go away in short-term, you need to still work to allow your body to relieve itself.

Unfortunately, over time, doing this regularly can train the body that it shouldn't pay attention to urges us to go. This can lead things to back up in the system and before you know it you'll be needing constipation relief.

Now you may be thinking it's not your fault that your schedule doesn't work for your body all of the time. But, it is your fault. You can create a schedule that your body knows how to react to. You can help your body decide when it's going to want to go and make sure that that's a convenient time for you. One way you can do this is first thing in the morning. Get up an extra hour early and have your breakfast that is full of high fiber. Whether it's a fiber supplement, glass of prune juice, bran cereal or any other fiber that you take in first thing in the morning, eat this early and give yourself enough time for the body to process it and need to go. By scheduling a time to go for your body before you go to work, so you have all the time you need in the comfort of your own home, you'll be preventing the need for constipation relief down the road.

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