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Constipation In Infants

If you have an infant in the house, you understand how everything they do is something you keep a close eye on. From what they eat to how much they drink and how much they pee, poop and spit up. This is what much of your life focuses on.

Signs of a Constipation Problem

One thing many parents of infants may notice is that from time to time their baby becomes constipated. There are a few ways you may realize this is happening:

Straining - The first is that you notice that your infant works hard to remove stools. Perhaps your baby is crying as he is trying to pass a stool.

Hard Stool - Maybe you notice as you are cleaning the diapers that their stool is hard and rock like.

Tight Stomach – If your child has a very tight and bloated feeling stomach, this could be a serious sign that he has a constipation problem. In this type of case you need to get your child to a doctor very quickly.

Causes of Infant Constipation

As a parent, you want to stop the pain for your child. You want a constipation cure to make things easier for your little one. In order to start to find constipation relief, you need to realize what causes the problem.

A large portion of the problem is likely the diet your child is on. The foods we eat are generally unhealthy. Many parents like to give their infants a little 'grown up food' here and there. Unfortunately the high sugar and low fiber contents of those foods may be causing stress on your baby's system and be the cause of their constipation.

Another possibility is that your infant is dehydrated. Babies need a lot of liquids and if your child is not getting enough, it could lead to drier than healthy stools.

Constipation Remedy

At this point you'll likely find yourself looking for a constipation remedy to make things better. Well, there are a number of options to try for constipation relief in infants.

Fluids – Since one of the main causes of constipation is dehydration, it would make sense that one of the easiest paths to constipation relief is through making sure your child drinks more liquids. Having your child drink fruit juices not only will give them liquid they need to drink, but also some fruit fiber that also may aid in softening their bowel movements

Fiber – While you may like the idea of giving your baby adult food if you want to find a constipation remedy you may want to cut back on those white breads and other low fiber foods. They may be part of your problem. Instead try constipation cure foods that are high in fiber. Instead of white breads try more whole-wheat items.

Fruits Instead of Sweets – If you want to give your children sweet items that they like to eat, try to lessen the number of sweets and increase their intake in fruit. Fruit is not only sweet and tasty, but also a natural constipation cure.

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