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Constipation Cure – Exercise

Want to get rid of your chronic bouts of constipation. The answer may be in not sitting on your butt on the toilet, but getting off your butt and exercising.

Lack of Physical Activity = Constipation

Many people don't realize that a lack of physical activity can cause constipation in the body. The reason is that the muscles in the body start to get used to not moving. This isn't just the muscles in your arms and legs, but the ones inside the body that run the organs as well. Eventually the muscles that work your digestive tract slow down and the system starts backing up. This is when you end up looking for a constipation remedy.

There are a number of reasons that people don't get enough exercise to keep their body operational. Some of them cannot be controlled such as those who are ill or were in an accident and injured. Often older people have this problem as their bodies are not able to move as well as they used to so they do not get the exercise they should.

For other people the reason is sheer laziness. They don't want to get up and be active. Instead they live a sedentary lifestyle that ends up causing them to need constipation relief as their system slows down.

Constipation Remedy

So what is the constipation cure? If you can, exercise. This is an obvious answer for those who are capable. If you have limited mobility, walk as far as you can a number of times per day, without hurting yourself. Even if you are bed-bound, you should try to do what you can. This could include leg lifts and arm lifts or just shifting your body from side to side in the bed. You may be surprised at how much constipation relief a little exercise can bring.


If you are unable to get up and move around, you may want to consider having regular massages. While you may not be able to work the muscles in your body well, a massage can help to stimulate the muscles that need to be operational and remind them of their job leading to constipation relief.

Colon Cleanse

One thing many people do to try and get their system back to normal is have a colon cleanse done. This is a constipation cure that can get you back on the right track quickly. By literally cleaning out the colon you can clear out any backed up materials in the system and return your bowel movements to normal.

If you are planning to exercise more often now, that may be enough for constipation relief.

If you are stuck with a sedentary lifestyle, you may want to add a fiber supplement to your diet to give your body a little extra aid as it tries to remove waste that is in your system and keep it from drying out. You should also try to drink plenty of water as it can help your body flush the waste through.

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