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Constipation Causes - Changes in Life or Routine

Your body gets used to the way things are. It doesn't take long for the body to get into a number of habits from the way you eat to how you exercise and how you deal with waste from your system. But there are plenty of things in life that can mess up the natural order inside your body.

Some of the changes that may come in your life or your routine can lead to frustrating and even painful side effects like constipation. Here is a look at some of the things that may change in your life and cause you to go in search of a constipation remedy.

Job Change

Many people find that they are in the market for constipation relief after they change jobs. The reason for this is that the schedule you are used to for your body is often changed. When you first start a new job, you have stress and strain as you try to learn the operations of a new workplace. Additionally, your overall schedule of eating and bathroom time may change to meet new hours of work. Getting your body out of a routine it is accustomed to can cause your system to experience troubles such as constipation.


When you are traveling, you are no longer on your own schedule but at the whim of airlines, trains, conferences and the like. In these situations your regular routine is out of whack. When you would usually be in the bathroom having a bowel movement you may not be able to go. Telling your body not to go means it is backing up waste in your system. It doesn’t take much for this to harden and send you looking for a constipation cure.


When a woman's body changes due to pregnancy, her metabolism slows down. This leads to a slowing down of many of her systems. One of these is the digestive system. The reason this happens is so that more nutrients can be pulled from the food she eats to feed both mother and baby. While this is a necessary thing to happen, it can also cause too much of a slow down in the system to the point where the expectant mother will need a constipation remedy to relieve the problem.


The change in hormones that takes over a woman's body during menopause can have a number of side effects. One of them is a continued slow down in metabolism. This slow down can also make the body process food more slowly. The longer food is in the intestines, the more it has a chance to dry out, which can lead to a need for constipation relief.


There are many illnesses that have a side effect of constipation as the body battles the illness and is unable to process food at an acceptable rate.

Constipation Cure

There are many ways find constipation relief. To jump start the process it is advised to have a colon cleanse, to remove any impacted material. Then make sure to follow a diet that is high in fiber and water to give your body the tools it needs to easily move waste through.

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