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Comparing Colon Cleanse Options

If you have been thinking about getting a colon cleanse, and have been on the Internet to try and sort out all the options out there, you may be overwhelmed with the options on the market. So, which one do you choose? Let's take a look at some of the options and see the pros and cons.

Enemas – For years enemas have been the solution for those who think they have a packed up colon or are suffering constipation. While they will do the trick of likely getting things going again if you are constipated, enemas cannot completely do the job you likely want done if you want a real colon cleansing. Unfortunately, enemas only clean out the lower portion of the colon. There are many parts of the colon the enema will not reach, which could stay compacted or at least holding some waste that needs to be cleaned out.

Laxatives – Many people think if they want to clean out the system, they can just pop a few laxatives in their body and let everything be flushed out. The initial response will probably be just what they were hoping for, a full body flush, but what they don’t realize is what else they have done to their body. Laxatives are dehydrating. They pull water and fluids from your body to flush things out. Those are fluids you need to live and too much laxative use can make things worse or even be deadly.

Fiber Colon Cleansing – Once colon cleansing is talked about, many people think a high fiber colon cleanse is the way to go. They have heard that a high fiber diet is good for them, why wouldn't a high fiber colon cleanse be? The problem with this logic is when they are eating a high fiber diet, it is gradually put through their system, bite by bite. A high fiber colon cleansing tries to pack a lot of more fiber through your system at once, which can be uncomfortable.

Herbal Colon Cleansing – Herbal colon cleansing is another much used option. In this case a solution made of a number of herbs is used to clean out the colon. This can be a good way to go as many of these herbs are known to have beneficial qualities to the digestive system while they conduct a cleaning.

Oxygen Colon Cleansing – One of the colon cleansing options that is growing in popularity is the oxygen colon cleanse. The reason it is growing in popularity is because it has a two-fold impact when used. The first part of the impact is in cleaning out the system. Since most of these colon cleanses are taken orally, they are able to clear out the whole intestinal tract as they make their way through the system. The second benefit, that no other colon cleansing option can offer, is that these colon cleanses give off oxygen. That oxygen is then absorbed by the body and can help to speed up the healing process of any areas that are ailing as well as giving you a boost of energy.

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