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Coming Up with a Colon Cleansing Regimen

When it comes to your health, what all is included in your health regimen?

Do you take vitamins every day?

Do you take health supplements?

Do you try to eat a healthy diet?

Do you exercise to try and keep your system at peak performance?

What about your intestines and colon? Do you have a health regimen that includes these areas of your body? Do you even know what your colon does?

The colon is essentially the area of your body that is a portion of the large intestine and sucks the water out of food we had digested. The colon helps to sort out the waste in the body so that the solids can come out as stool.

It's a non-stop process that is often unappreciated by the owner of the body, but a very important job.

The purpose of a colon cleanse is to gently clean out the entire colon, removing bits and pieces of old food and excrement that has become stuck in the walls lining the colon. If these are not removed, they can begin to break down, decompose and rot. This process gives off toxins, which can get into your body and lead to a number of health issues.

Once you have decided you are in the market for a colon cleansing, you need to decide which type of colon cleanse process you would like to choose. Among the options are fiber-based and oxygen-based colon cleanses.

Fiber based colon cleanses are those that use fiber to grab on to any debris that has been left in your body and clears it out. This is a very effective way to do the job as it does what you need done, clearing those stuck pieces out so they cannot break down and rot, releasing toxins into your system.

Oxygen based colon cleanses on the other had have an added benefit. The process of an oxygen colon cleanse is to use a chemical reaction to clear things out of your colon, while the byproduct of that reaction is oxygen, which is then released into your system. Oxygen is a very positive addition to the human body and tends to give the system a little extra energy, as well as making you feel good.

When Do You Need A Colon Cleanse?

If you have to wait until it is obvious that you need a colon cleanse, you have waited too long. For the symptoms of a slowed colon to show up in the form of headaches, bloating, fatigue or even depression, it has gone way too far. At this point, a number of toxins from the debris in your colon have already gotten into your blood and your system.

Instead, you want to set up a colon cleansing regimen often enough to make sure you keep the system running clean and don't ever find yourself in a situation where the toxins have had time to take over.

This is another reason you may want to choose an oxygen colon cleanse over some of the other options. Since it's a gentler form of colon cleansing, it can be used every day, if need be, or at least be put on a schedule without worrying about overdoing it.

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