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Cleaning Your Colon Naturally with Oxygen

Cleaning Your Colon Naturally with Oxygen

When you are ready to begin a health regimen which includes cleaning out your colon, you may be wondering what type of colon cleanse is best for you.

Go Natural

As you answer this question, think about the simple fact that anything you use for a colon cleanse will be something that is put in your body. If you aren’t careful that could mean a lot of preservatives, additives and other substances that don’t belong in your system. Instead, you may want to choose a colon cleansing method that is more natural in creation and will be milder on your system.

Why Oxygen?

One of the natural types of colon cleansings on the market these days is oxygen colon cleansing. This colon cleanse uses natural substances that once in your intestines do the work you need done, cleaning your colon walls, and more.

In addition to cleaning the colon, oxygen colon cleanses that are taken in a capsule, liquid or powder form work their way through your whole intestinal tract, cleaning things out as they go. Essentially, instead of just cleaning one end of your digestive tubing, they process and clean the whole system.

Oxygen colon cleanses also have the added benefit of giving off oxygen as they do their job. While you may think any type of 'gas' off put is something you can do without, you need to understand this is a little different. Oxygen released from these colon cleanses is released into your body. The body thrives on oxygen. This is why many people are put in high oxygen chambers to help heal wounds or many others breathe extra oxygen to get a boost in energy before a race. Oxygen can be a very uplifting element for the body either in breathing it in or just absorbing it through the walls of your intestines, as will happen with a colon cleanse.

Other Benefits

In addition to getting toxins out of your system through an oxygen colon cleanse there are some other possible benefits of an oxygen colon cleanse including

Weight Loss – When you use a colon cleanse, it is removing food debris that has gotten stuck in your intestinal tract. While you may not think a lot of food can get caught up on your intestines, it is said that the average middle-aged person has between 10 and 20 pounds of excess waste stuck in their digestive tract.

Regular movements – Once you start to clean out your intestinal tract, you will be able to get your body back on the schedule it should be on, of eliminating waste in a regular fashion.

Colon Cleansing Fears

Many people are afraid to try colon cleansing after hearing horror stories about side effects. There may be many effects of a colon cleanse that your body has to go through from bloating to frequent trips to the bathroom and even a little cramping as it does it's work. This is not permanent, just as you do your first colon cleansings. Think of it much like the first few days when you go back to the gym. You are very sore those first times because it is something new for your body. Eventually, it will get used to the process and you won't have any more problems.

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