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Benefits of a Salt Water Colon Cleanse

Using a salt water colon cleanse, also called a “salt water flush”, is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean you colon at home. Not only is it colon cleansing, but it also cleanses your stomach and small intestine as well. In other words it flushes out your entire alimentary canal (digestive system). This master system cleanse removes all of the toxins, accumulated fecal matter, regular feces, parasites, and bacteria from your whole digestive tract.

There are many good laxatives, mixes, enemas, and other colon cleansing products on the market, but the simple salt water flush works well using basic ingredients instead of chemicals or medicines. A salt water colon cleanse is a healthier alternative.

To do a salt water colon cleanse, you will need to prepare yourself by scheduling at least a half or full day to complete the colon cleansing. You also need to skip at least one meal or fast overnight before you do a salt water master cleanse. Because of these reasons, most people prefer to do this system flush on the weekend first thing in the morning on a day they have nothing to do and don’t need to leave the house.

The salt water colon cleanse starts with one quart of lukewarm water. Add two or more tablespoons of UN-iodized salt or sea salt and stir or shake it until the salt fully dissolves. (Using table salt will not have the same effect, so don’t substitute it for the un-iodized or sea salt.) This formulation works like an oral enema.

Drink this salt water mixture quickly and wait for a few minutes before laying down and massaging your stomach down to your colon area. This helps break up accumulated waste as does crouching over your knees. I suggest a few basic yoga stretches that focus on stretching the front and back of your midsection. Your salt water colon cleansing procedure will be more effective the more you massage and stretch your upper, middle, and lower stomach.

Within thirty minutes to two hours after drinking the salt water, you will feel pressure build up in your colon and you will probably have several bowel movements over the next few hours. If you do not experience pressure and heaviness in your bowels, you either need to add more salt to the water or drink more water to completely flush your digestive system. This colon cleanse will actually clean out your system top to bottom.

It is important to remember that this type of colon cleansing cleans out good bacteria that aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. You will want to replace the good bacteria by taking probiotic supplements and eating yogurt which also has live, colon-friendly, bacteria in it.

Maintain your clean colon by continuing colon cleansing naturally by eating a colon-friendly diet that includes fibrous fruits and veggies, beans, and yogurt. Avoid a lot of red meat, animal fats, refined sugars, and processed foods.

Always consult your doctor before undergoing a colon cleanse, even if it is a home colon cleansing process. Some preexisting colon problems may preclude you from an intensive colon cleanse.