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Battle Yeast Infection with a Colon Cleanse

Candida Albicans, commonly known as yeast, occurs naturally and for the most part harmlessly within the gastro-intestinal tract as well as in other areas of the body that can provide it with the warmth and moisture it needs to survive. Several factors can contribute to a yeast overgrowth; which, if not treated, can lead to several severe complications. A colon cleanse can help to return the natural balance of yeast within your body.
What Can Contribute

• A poorly balanced diet high in various sugars can provide the yeast with the exact material it needs to flourish; yeast thrives on sugar.
• A course of antibiotics can destroy the balance of naturally occurring bacteria in your body, specifically the bacteria that controls and restricts the excessive growth of Candida.
• A compromised colon that has not been thoroughly cleansed of waste matter can become the ideal environment for Candida to not only thrive but to multiply in alarming numbers.
• A compromised immune system, due to a medical condition or as a result of the usage of a prescription medication, can allow for the excessive growth of Candida.

Prevention and Treatment

Ultimately prevention is the ideal situation with any condition; but if there is already a yeast overgrowth concern, a colon cleanse can be incorporated as part of the treatment plan to help restore the yeast balance in the colon. Regular colon cleansing can further be incorporated as part of a prevention course of treatment.

In addition to a colon cleanse, the most important way to prevent excessive Candida growth is with a well-balanced diet.

Foods to Avoid

• Sugars - Sugars provide Candida with the fuel needed to multiply rapidly. The more sugar in the body the more Candida will thrive.
• Dairy - with the exception of low-fat yogurts, try to avoid all dairy products.
• Pastas and breads - these foods are broken down into sugars in your body.
• Alcohol - alcohol is, essentially, sugar.

Foods to Incorporate

Fresh vegetables that are high in fiber can be highly beneficial in maintaining a healthy colon. Foods that have high fiber content have the much-needed effect of naturally cleansing the colon, helping to remove any waste matter that has accumulated.
Over the Counter.

In addition to an improved well-balanced diet, there are numerous over the counter supplements that can be taken to help promote a healthy colon. These products, taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and colon cleansing routines can help keep the natural yeast balance in check.

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