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Constipation Remedy – 3 Practical Preventive Tips

Everyone will agree that the best constipation remedy is a preventive one. To avoid all the hassles, discomfort, and serious medical problems that come from being constipated, practice the following preventive tips. A daily preventive constipation remedy may just save you a world of trouble.

Constipation Remedy Tip #1 – Increase Liquid Intake!

If you're increasing fiber consumption as a constipation remedy, you'd better increase liquid intake if you want it to work. If your stool has bulk due to fiber but lacks enough liquid content, it may give you problems just the same.

Eight 8-oz. glasses a day MINIMUM is a must. No, other beverages don't count towards this minimum.

If you have to choose a beverage, make it herbal tea. If you also want antioxidant, disease-fighting benefits, then choose natural tea that you brew rather than commercial tea or tea-based beverages.

Juices aren't recommended unless you make them from the actual fruit. Commercial fruit juice is high in refined sugar, one of the main culprits in constipation. If you make natural fruit juice, use a blender rather than a juicer so you can keep most of the fiber in.

Avoid sodas and other caffeinated drinks (coffee is okay) that not only cause constipation but are also highly addictive. If you have a soda craving, drink a cup of hot water instead. A warm/hot cup of water is also a great constipation remedy when taken in the morning.

Constipation Remedy Tip #2 – Eat More Fiber!

We all know that fiber is a great constipation remedy. But be careful about increasing your fiber intake too rapidly. A fast increase can cause bloating, gas, and stomach pain.

Increase daily fiber intake gradually. Your fiber target: 20 to 35 grams daily. (Did you know that the average adult American eats only 11 grams of fiber daily?)

Constipation Remedy Tip #3 – Exercise!

At first, doctors couldn't explain why a sedentary lifestyle caused constipation. They just noticed that people who were bedridden after an accident tended to be constipated regardless of diet. They also noted that constipation was prevalent in sedentary older people.

But gastroenterologists discovered that exercise helps the intestines function correctly by taking more nutrients, blood, and oxygen to it!

Even a moderate amount of exercise does wonders as a constipation remedy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Take the stairs instead of the elevator

- Take a brisk, ½-hour walk 3 times a week

- Mow your lawn ma nually or use a rake to clear your yard

- Go hiking on Saturdays

- Walk your dog (or let him walk you)

Remember what you do today to help yourself will pay Big dividends ‘tomorrow'.  A little now means a lot later.  Change something today.

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