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10 Constipation Causes – A Quick Look

If you have been suffering and looking for constipation relief for a while, you may know there are all sorts of ways to treat it, but you may not know just what is causing your problem. Let's try to solve that by looking at 10 common causes of constipation. You may find one that seems to ring true for you.

Poor Diet

The first, and easiest to fix, cause of constipation is diet. In our busy lives, it seems most people skip on a healthy meal to have one that is fast and not as great for the body. All those fatty and sugary things we eat can clog up the digestive tract. Bodies need a diet higher in fiber to find constipation relief!


Medicines you may be taking for other ailments could have a side effect of making you constipated. Pain medication, antacids, blood pressure medications and anti depressants are common culprits. Talk to your doctor about this possibility and see if the doc can help you come up with a solution.

Not Enough Water

Want constipation relief? Your body needs a lot of water to operate, but few of us really give it as much as it needs. In order to take in a healthy amount of liquid, you need to try and drink 1 – 2 quarts of water or juice every day.

Lack of Exercise

While you may think not exercising only makes you gain weight, it also can slow things down in your digestive tract. In order to have good overall health, and that includes digestive health, you need to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week.


While you may think laxatives are a form of constipation relief, if you are using them regularly, you are teaching your body to become dependent on them to get the job done, just like a drug addiction.

Ignoring Your Body

When your body tells you it's time for a bowel movement it's time. Many people try to ignore these urges and put them off until it’s a 'better time'. This is the wrong message and can lead to constipation as your body holds in waste that should have been removed.


There are a number of changes in the body during pregnancy. One of them is constipation as the body slows down the digestive process in order to pull more nutrients from food for mother and baby.


Some people have a tough time with bowel movements as soon as their schedule has been changed. For these folks, they may go for days on vacation without being able to pass a bowel movement.


Unfortunately the side effect of some diseases is constipation. Among these are a number of neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, stroke or Multiple Sclerosis. Additionally, diseases that impact the metabolism like thyroid issues or diabetes can leave you searching for constipation relief.

Colon and Intestinal Problems

There are a number of digestive issues that can also lead to constipation. From irritable bowel syndrome to diverticulitis, there are a number of diseases that can impact the digestive tract that can lead to higher chances of constipation. Additionally, any scar tissue, tumor or damage that has been done to the anus or rectal area in the past can make it harder to pass stools, which can lead to constipation.

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